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Where are the birds taking me? (Nine prints)


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Composite bird print

This is an opportunity to purchase all nine prints made in response to Ken Cockburn’s poems which together made the collaborative exhibition/event “Where are the birds taking me?”

The prints may be bought unframed, separately from this site but as the image above illustrates, they can be framed successfully as a composite.  If you are interested in buying all nine prints I can supply them at reduced “per print” price with a set of instructions for framing/presentation as above.  Please note, the prints will simply arrive unmounted, in a small pile!  Not as you see them here.

The prints are all reduction linocuts.  They are 10cm x 10cm and framed as above the finished piece is approximately 50cm x 50cm.  The editions were all ten but please note I can no longer supply a complete set with identical edition numbers.

The online exhibition may be viewed during March 2021 on the Stanza Poetry Festival’s online site, here